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When converting i selected folders and sub folders I realise it has been discussed and have done a few web searches myself. I can resolve the problem but only on an album by album basis, which would take me weeks!

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I did a test and converted some files from FLAC to lossless and they now show up fine in Apple music. I am therefore trying to create a new Apple lossless library for Apple iCloud to use as my music.

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Hope this helps? Regards Paul. I have edited it but the edit is not showing yet. The issue shows up in Apple Music when selecting music from my music library drawn from iCloud and made up from my mp3 music file stored on my synology NAS these were converted for this purpose from my FLAC files. I realise it has been discussed and have done a few web searches myself. Last edited by mville; at AM.

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Reason: added ref to thread. I have created a folder called Apple music. Not sure what you mean by output to dropdown, but when I go into batch converter, the first window shows a list of sources from where to select the music to be converted.

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Maybe I'm trying the using a sledgehammer to crack an egg approach and should just stick with my existing mp3 files not all show incorrect track names but its my nature to want everything just right. You are correct in that this issue seems to originate from Apples introduction of the work name tag.

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  7. I can fix the issue on individual albums by going into iTunes and making changes to the track preferences. Yes my first answer may have confused. Reason: corrected dynamic naming string.

    How to convert .flac files to .mp3 using OS X

    I get this.. Screen Shot at I would have to go through each album in my collection to identify which shows wrong track information unless there is an easier way? How do yo get to that screen. Also in iTunes how can I select all effected files? Sorry about being a bit of a numpty! I will now have a go at what you suggest. Thanks for all your help.

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    FLAC is said to be the " first truly open and free lossless audio format. The encoding and decoding methods do not infringe on any other patents and the source code is freely available as an open source license. However, even though the format doesn't have any built-in copy protection, someone can encrypt their own FLAC file in another container format.

    The FLAC format supports not only audio data but also cover art, fast seeking, and tagging.

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    Since FLACs can be seekable, they're better than some other formats for editing applications. The FLAC format is also error resistant so that even if an error occurs in one frame, it doesn't destroy the rest of the stream like some audio formats but instead just that one frame, which might only amount to just a fraction of the whole file. Some file extensions look like. FLAC but are actually spelled differently, and so mostly likely can not be opened with the programs mentioned above or converted with the same conversion tools.

    If you can't open your file, double-check the extension — you might actually be dealing with a totally different file format. One example is the Adobe Animate Animation file format that ends its files with the. FLA file extension. Those formats are not the same as FLAC, so other programs are needed to open them.